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To The Coach, Parent or Athlete,

We at E2A2 have a vision and belief that is different from many typical athletic facilities. Our vision is to allow you and your athlete to train at levels that will continually challenge, grow and develop your athlete. E2A2 fully supports the Team Concept and supports the notion that there is no “I” in the word TEAM.

We also believe that the “We Before Me” concept may have overshot its intended purpose resulting in better team or organizational unity but may have hindered the ability to develop each athlete as an individual.

We also believe that athletes are developed in the off season and its “unfair” of parents to expect coaches to fully develop athletes during a short, high pressure defined season.

E2A2 believes in a team concept of We is Me TM . Teams and Coaches need to figure out balance and parents need to realize baseline and achievable expectations. If it’s good for the team but bad for the individual athlete, then it is not the right fit for that athlete.

To the contrary if it’s all about the athlete, then it’s not good for and hurts the team. Our approach is to find the “center ground” and bring balance to the Athletic Equation.

We also believe that the Elite Athlete is without the consistent ability to grow and develop locally in the Erie County and often has to travel to more populated and developed areas of the state or surrounding states. This is another Athletic Equation. that adds stress, cost and logistical turmoil to athletes and their families.

Our mission is to support both deficiencies in this Athletic Equation. E2A2mission is focused on Quality. Most athletic facility memberships are created to make profits and create large memberships and expect low utilization. That does not meet our mission of quality and our belief system and values are different.

Our vision of Quality is enhanced by our commitment to have a low membership pool of talented and committed athletes and focus on high utilization. In other words we offer memberships to athletes who are committed, wish to train, grow and enhance their development.

To the Coach, Parent & Athlete, if our mission is aligned with your beliefs and values then we want you!

Thank you for your patronage.

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